Carrollton Baptist Association
Sunday, December 15, 2019

 Worship - Missions - Evangelism - Prayer - Discipleship - Fellowship Of Diversity - Service - Growth


The Carrollton Baptist Association actively and intentionally exists to SERVE by encouraging, strenghtening, and mobilizing its congregations to become " Great Commission" Churches .

Carrollton Baptist Association will be an indispensable partner with their fellowship of churches to:
Support The Discipleship Process, Encourage and Promote Misson Opportunities in and beyond the Association, Reach The Lost For Christ, Value the Lost for Christ, Enrich Ministry through Support and Resource
1.  Leadership Development - (Ministerial/Key Leaders/Personal Growth)
2.  Growth - (New Churches/Ministries)
3.  Ministry to the Family in and throught the local church
4.  Missions Participation / Education - (Local/State/National/International)
5.  Diversity - (Racial/Generational/Social/Worship)